Special Moimoi Recipe: How to a Delicious and Healthy Moi-Moi in 1 Hour

I have included two videos in this recipe, one helps you learn how to wash-peel beans in less than 8 minutes.

The other video by the end of this articles shows you how to make moi moi

Here are the ingredients I used for this recipe. You are free to increase the quantity or reduce it depending on the number of persons you are looking to serve.

Complete Ingredients For Moi Moi
Serving: 6

Total time: 90 minutes.

1 kg of Mackerel
7 Cooked Eggs (optional)
Half cup of vegetable oil
3 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste.
1 cup of sliced onions
Tatashe or shobo (about 5 to 10, it add the reddish color)
Crayfish (1 cup)
3 cups of beans

What you find above are some of the necessary ingredients for making moi moi.

There is a special kind of beans used for making beans pudding in Nigeria but you can substitute with any other type of beans if you live outside Nigeria.

I simply parboiled the fish, removed the center bones and split into smaller pieces

You can use the cooked eggs or fish of any kind. You can even combine both as I have done in this moi moi recipe.

Moi Moi Preparation
Please add the beans into a bowl, sprinkle a handful of water and start squeezing with your hands.

This is the easiest way to wash beans; you would be through in 20 minutes.

You can add a little more water but don’t allow it to soak; continue squeezing until it starts shading off the outer coat, you’d probably be doing this for about 3 minutes.

When it seems like a good amount of the beans have shaded off their outer-coat, add enough water to fill the bowl. The outer coat would rise to the top, sieve and continue squeezing.

At some point there would be just very few that have not shaded off their outer coat, work on them and keep washing.

Wash the beans to remove the outer coat, keep squeezing, washing and sieving till you are left with the white beans then you can prepare for the grinding part. Below is the video that shows you how to wash moi moi beans.

How To Peel (Wash) Beans

Most people spend their entire evening washing beans, here is how to do it in just 8 minutes.

There are people in Nigeria that render the service of grinding food stuff like moi moi or tomatoes in large quantity

Split the red tatashe or shobo into two halves to remove the seeds at the center, this practice is necessary because the seeds add a bitter unpleasant taste to moi moi. Wash and also pluck off the green stem at the top.

Parboil the fresh /frozen fish, pick out from the water then pieces the fish with your fingers, not really squashing (leave in bits).

What I do at this point is to add all of them (beans, onions, crayfish and tatashe or shobo) in a small clean bowl and take to the commercial grinding mill.

You can use a smart blender for this if you have one, I used my semi-smart blender and it did a perfect job.

How To Make Moi Moi

While still in the bowl, add the fish.

Pour in the oil into the ground beans – half-cup (125ml), add 2 seasoning cubes, the fish water (fish stock) (which must not be over a half cup) salt to taste. Stir and taste the entire mixture.

The egg can be dropped on top after the barter has been distributed in cooking plates.

How to Cook beans Pudding

Distribute in as many plates as possible, some people use wrappers for this purpose. After the distribution, you can drop into the cooking pot.

If you are cooking with plates, you can drop the plates on top of each other but you must drop tiny logs of woods or pieces of clothes at the bottom of the pot to avoid burning the plate.

Some people use the stem of the moi moi wrapper, you don’t really need them if you are careful.

Drop the plates in the pot, three or four per row.

Add water simultaneously making sure it doesn’t top the first plate.

Then cover tightly and cook for about 40 to 60 minutes adding water at interval to avoid burning or too much water that would run into the plates.

This part is monitored closely because if you allow the pot to dry the plates would start melting especially if you are using plastic plates.

Note that plastic plates can cook for hours without melting or getting burned, the exception is when the pot is completely dried.

You can bring out one of the plates after cooking for 40 minutes to check if it is done, check again after ten minutes, once it is done, allow to cool off for 30-60 minutes; then serve with pap (akamu), rice or custard

Nigerian (beans pudding) can also be served alone, I love it.

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