The Ultimate Guide Over 700 Nigerian Women Uses to Upgrade Their Cooking Skill, Change Their Cooking Style and Become a Super Cook in 4 Weeks

- How A Single Dicision Changed My Marriage and Turned me to A Cooking Expert

Nigerian Cooking Bible (NCB)

By Baker Ruth & Chef Tonye 

Over 100 Food, Soup with other Amazing Nigeria
Recipes and Unique Style of Cooking

I (Chef Tonye) and Baker Ruth  have pilled our knowledge, experience, expertise and everything we ever know about cooking for the past 10 years in a single book, so that anyone who is luckly to come across it can get access to our  Special Cooking Recipes, Unique Method of Cooking and the Little known Tips we have been using for over 10 years which has made us to be a Champion Cook 

This book is over 200 pages

It is a detailed CookBook that was lunched in January 2019 and in less than 3 weeks of its lunch, over 700 people took advantage of it and they have been giving amazing feedbacks about it which I will be showing you on this page.

You See...

According to research report, one of the major cause of problems in families today is Lack of Good Cooking Skill and that is the major reason this Cooking Guide is Lunched.

This Guide is to expose you to over 100 different Nigerian recipes and styles of cooking, so that you will know how to diversify and make nice meal in both Nigerian and other African dishes to satisfy your family everyday and if you are into cooking business, it will help you to add varities of recipes and make more from your business daily.

What You Will Learn From the
Nigerian Cooking Bible...

In the Nigerian Cooking Bible, you will be expose to a Step-by-Step Guide to Making 100 Delicious and Yummy Nigerian Foods, Stew, Soup, break fast and other amazing things that will upgrade your Cooking Skill and make your cooking style stand out from the crowd. Below are other things you will be getting inside the NCB Guide...

  • In Chapter Three, You will Learn 25 Different Nigerian Soups Recipe

I will be taking you through a step-by-step details on how to make 25 Different Nigerian Soups, I will also show you all the ingridient you need and the unique measurement I personally use to make these soups delicious.

  • In Chapter Two, Baker Ruth will teach you 12 Stew and Source Recipes and Unique Style of Making Them

She will be showing you 12 different stew and sauce, show you her personal style of making them and also list all the ingridient you need ( with images) to use, so that your own style will be unique and deliciously different.

  • And when You Get to Chapter Four, you will be exposed to over 13 Different Method you can use to Cook Different Types of RICE

In Chapter 4,  we will walk you through how to cook 13 different types of rice ( 4 of it are freshly introduced). we will be showing you the rice one after the other, tell you their name and show you the special Ingridients you need to make them delicious.

  • Chapter Seven Sheld Light More on 12 Unique & Special Yam Recipes 

Yam is one of the food that give allowance for diversification for people that knows it. But incase you do not know the various things to always use yam for apart from cooking, in this chapter, we have sheld light on how to use yam in 12 different ways. 

We will be showing you one-after-the-other, foods that you can make from yam and how you can make them either at home or in your cooking business.

  • When You Get to Chapter Six, we will take you through 6 Different Nigerian Foods to Make From BEANS

Majorly in the weekend in most homes, beans is always the call of the day, apart from the normal cooking of beans, akara or even moimoi, there are other delicious things to make from your beans at home and in this Chapter, you will take a step-by-step walk through how you can do that.

  • And then, in Chapter Eight you will be Learning 10 Different Foods to Make from Plantain

Both the ripe and the unripe plantain are healthy for human consuption. But just the normal cooked plantain may be tiring at times. So, in this chapter, you will be walked through 10 differents things you can use plantain for while you are also shown a step-by-step method of using them.

And many more recipes in other chapters of this Guide

Obviously, this page will be so full if I am to list everything you will be getting from Nigerian Cooking Bible, one thing you are to note is that; the guide is full of detailed cooking knowledge that will transform your cooking skill and make you an expert in no time.


We observed that most people genuinely would love to spice up their cooking but lacked the time or money to attend a catering school. 

This product offers the same value as a catering school, you will also learn tips and tricks about food presentation and decoration.

Let's Quickly Check the Feedback from People Who Have
Benefited From Nigerian Cooking Bible in the Past

Just like I told you earlier, Since the Nigerian Cooking Bible was first launched, it has been a game changer for many wives and food business owners.

Most people have been able to upgrade their cooking skill and turn to cooking expert through the Nigeria Cooking Bible and that is why they can’t stop talking about it.

Every week, I receive great feedback from people who have gotten Nigerian Cooking Bible in the past; they just can’t keep quite but share their testimonies.

Let me quickly show you some of  the Feedback below:

Facebook Feedback From Ibukun

 This is a Facebook Post from Ibukun, a chef who got the Nigerian Cooking Bible some months ago. The post was massively liked by most of her friends who has also benefited from NCB in the past.

Madam Ruth, I have been your follower online for sometimes now and you have been an amazing mentor.

I have learnt alot from you both free and paid and that was why, when I heard about the Nigerian Cooking Bible, I had no reason to doubt.

Thanks God I took the opportunity immediately, the Guide is simply the best thing that can happen to any woman...Most of my Friends are also eager to get their own copies too.

Thanks so much for this opportunity ma.

                                                                             - Josephine, Enugu, Nigeria.


I and my Family has been in the USA for Sometimes now and Like Seriously, we haeve been missing home.

And that is why Immediately I had the opportunity, I Quickly grabbed the Nigerian Cooking Bible, this guide has set us on our toes.

We are now able to cook any type of Nigerian meal just like we are in Nigeria, this Guide is recomended by me anytime, anyday.

                                                                             - Omolola, USA.


The Nigerian Cooking Guide is Responsive on All Devices


In order to allow people to get it Cheaper and  Enable you to Get EASY and FAST ACCESS to it regardless of where you Stay Either in Nigeria or Oversea, we have decided to make it available as a Digital Product.


This Means Immediately you make payment, you will be granted Instant Access to Download Nigerian Cooking Guide which can be accessed through any phone, Ipad or Computer and a copy will also be sent to your email.

It can also be Downloaded and printed out from your email if you like.

So Here Is the Price You Will Be
Getting Nigerian Cooking Bible...

For the Next 3 Days, we will be Giving Access to Nigerian Cooking Bible
and all the Bonuses for 85% Off the Original Price.

But this Offer is Exclusively for the first 100 People...

This means anyone who take action within this period will be getting all the Package for Rediculously cheap price and also be saving alot of money.

But to be Amoung these lucky people, you must be a FAST ACTION TAKER.

More Testimonies from the Beneficiaries
of Nigerian Cooking Bible

Finally I got access to A Step-by-Step Recipe to cook any Nigerian Foods and Soups.

Infact, this is simply 1-in-All Cooking Guide for Every Nigerian homes.

The Recipes are Clear, Direct and so Delicious.

Thumb Up to you guys on this....and thanks for the great bonuses.

Your team is amazing.

                                                                             - Vivian, Ikoyi Lagos.

NCB is all in one Package!

Cooking Training Guide, Healthy Nigerian Drink Training Manual, Cocktail Mixing Training, Appetizers Training and more...All For Just a Penny.

I got mine Immediately and I was so happy.

Thanks for always giving Nigerian women opportunity to upgrade.

This is like Intentionally Training Women for Free.

Only the Bonuses are worth much more than the price. 

                                                                             - Aishat, Abuja, Nigeria.

Infact, I can say this opportunity was made for me.

I have been Looking for Something like this for a Long time and that is why I ordered Nigerian Cooking Bible Immediately.

God so Good, it is Affordable and even with amazing bonus package.

Only God will Appreciate you guys for this wonderful work.

No more stressful thought on what to eat, All I do is to go inside NCB and pick a nice meal for my family... Since I can now cook anything with this guide.

                                                                             - Maureen, Imo State, Nigeria.

Get the Nigerian Cooking Bible Today For Just...
Original Price: N18,500
12,500 Naira

NOTE:  This offer expires Soon

Now the Decision is Yours!

Weather to get this Game Changing Package and Upgrade your cooking skill, change the look of things in your home and start providing your family with the best foods, drinks and other amazing recipes from different categories which will earn you respect from your husband, children and even most relations.

People will begin to see you in a different way.

As a different wife, a different mother, a different daughter in-law and if you take cooking as a business, you will begin to get ‘CRAZY’ patronage, because your cooking business will turn out to face the right direction when you start satisfying people with your cooking skill. 

 OR  You may choose to continue repeating the same type of foods  you have been cooking before every week in your home wich will keep presenting you as an average wife who cooks normal foods and this will  give  other women room to keep claiming champion to to your hubby outside.


Any of the decision is yours...But whichever you choose to do, 

Remember the current Discount Offer will Only Last for 3Days or when the 100 people are complete.

And once this Discount Offer Expires, Nigerian Cooking Bible will go Back to the Original Price and all the Bonuses Stated Above will no Longer be Free except you are ready to get them for their various prices.

So, Come to Think of It...

Currently, Nigerian Cooking Bible and All the packages stated above are just N12,500.

This is a token that is not even up to an amount that you spend at a Pizza Joint.

Imagine using this Token to upgrade yourself so that you can become a brand new wife in the present of your husband and children?

Imagine using this token fee to start making quality meals for your family?

And the Best Part is that...

Once you get this Package now, Everything is yours forever.

So, you can always go back to any of the Guide or training whenever you need help to make anything like food, drinks, appetizers, Cocktail e.t.c even in the next 5 years.

This is a chance you should not miss for any reason, because once it is gone, it is gone for ever.

Below, you will find the Instructions on how to Order for Nigerian Cooking Bible and all the Packages.

One More Thing!

The Company Handling the Marketing and Delivery of this Manual for Us is known as VONI MULTIMEDIA LTD
So, If you need Help with Ordering...Contact VONI Multimedia Support on +2348022826561 
They will always be of assistance to you.

Option 1 - Pay Via ATM or Bank Account

 This Option is the FASTEST because it Gives you INSTANCE ACCESS to the Package and All the Bonuses even at Midnight...

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the most popular Online payment processing company in Nigeria.

Click HERE OR Click on the red button below and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged same amount and after the payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training Manual and all the Bonuses. A copy will also be sent to your Email

PAY THROUGH DIRECT BANK; If you Don't have an ATM Card
Paystack Now Allows You to Pay Directly Through Your Bank Account Using The Registered Account No / Phone No...

If You Want To Use this Payment Option, After you click the red button below, Fill your details,  Click 'Make Payment'  and Simply Select 'Bank', 

IF YOUR BANK IS ON THE LIST OF BANK THAT ACCEPT THIS METHOD, You will be asked for your Account Number.  Once the Payment is successful,

you'll be automatically redirected to where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training Manual and all the Bonuses.

Option 2 - Pay Via Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit

This method can also be used at anytime even at midnight...
Pay through Mobile Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Internet Banking,
Paga, Quick Teller or any other means of Fund Transfer Into

Account Name - VONI MULTI-MEDIA    (Current)
Account Number - 0775272918 

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to  08022826561

- Nigerian Cooking Bible
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a message from
Our  Marketing Company (VONI Multimedia), this message
will include the link to the page where you can download the Cooking Guide
and all other bonus packages while a copy will also be sent to your email so that
you can redownload anytime you want.

We Wish you Good Success.

Chef Tonye & Baker Ruth

What Type of Device can I Use to Access the Package?

You can access this training Pack with any Smartphone (Android, Windows or IOS)
You can also access it with any computer.

It Does not matter your phone type... As long as the phone can access Facebook, it will be able to Access the Training Pack. Simple!

Can I Pay Despite Weekend or Public Holiday?

Yes!...   You can always Pay with your ATM or Bank Account Number through Paystack (Click HERE)

or You can also Pay Via Transfer Options (Mobile, ATM Transfer, Paga, Quicktellet e.t.c)...My Marketing Company are Always available Even during public holiday including  every Saturday and Sunday.

You can always reach them through Text Message on 08022826561 Or Email Message.

If I Order Now for the Nigerian Cooking Bible, How Do I Get it?

1.  If you pay Online through Paystack Using your ATM Card or Bank Account Number, Once your payment is successful, you will immediately be redirected to the Download Page where you will get the NCB Manual and all the Bonuses mentioned Above and all the copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

2.  If you Pay through  Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other Means, after your payment is successful, Text the Following:: Nigeria Cooking Guide, Your Name and Email to our Marketing Team on 08022826561. 

Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the link to the NCB and all the Bonuses while copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

What Happens If I Order After the Current Discount Offer?

Once the Current Discount offer expires,
1. The Nigerian Cooking Bible will go back to the Original Price 

2. All the above stated Bonuses will no longer be available for free, except you are ready to get them for their various prices

I Need the Hard Copy of the Nigerian Cooking Bible, How Do I Get It?

The Hardcopy is available for N20,000 ( without Delivery Charge) and Delivery is within 5 to 7 working days anywhere inside Nigeria.

and 7 to 14 days to any country outside Nigeria.

Please Note that the Bonuses stated above are only attached to the E-Copy.

The current Discount Offer is only on the E-Copy which is originally meant for N28,200 with all the package, but during this discount offer, anyone who orders the E-copy will only be paying N12,500.


I know some people are not used to buying things online... Some people believe everything Online is a scam.

But for the Nigerian Cooking Bible Package, I can guarantee you 1001% that You have nothing to worry about.

Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you and you'll get all the packages on your email.

(people's emails are covered for privacy reason)

How Do I Contact Your Marketing Team?

You can reach my Marketing Support team on 08022826561 ( Call or Text)


Always Check the Email Address you provided.

You'll get some amazing Cooking Tips Messages and some FREE GIFT.

This will help you alot in Upgrading your Cooking Skill.
You may be missing alot from me if you don't check your email.




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Therefore, VONI Multimedia is not the sole owner of this product, VONI Multimedia only represent the Creators of the product.

If you need any assistance on this product, contact VONI Multimedia Support on +2348022826561

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